Let’s all take a deep breath…

March 5, 2008

Last night, my wife and I were sitting watching the primary returns come in (on network tv, I don’t have cable) when I heard my wife repeat an idea that I’m hearing more and more. I’m going to call it the “no way in hell I’m voting for that bitch” meme. This has got to be the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. Progressives, listen closely.

We have to stop the circular firing squad.

I’m not kidding around here. I’m not saying that healthy debate and discussion are bad things. To the contrary, they are what allows the bright sunshine of reason to break through stinking clouds of bullshit (and if you don’t think bullshit can form into clouds, visit Dodge City in August).  But if you think that McCain would make a better president than Hillary (or Barack for that matter) you better make sure the cops don’t catch you with whatever you’re smoking. Pundits say that Democrats face a hard choice. I’ll give them that, but it’s more like a choice between the filet mignon or the seared tuna steak at a 5 star restaurant; both will be great, you have to decide what your personal taste is. If you were to pull McCain into this analogy, he would probably be something in the dumpster behind the McDonald’s down the street. The idea that you’re gonna get so pissed off if your candidate doesn’t wind up with their name on the ballot that you’re going to vote for Grandpa War (or go third party; aka pissing your vote away) has got to be the most ridiculous petty bullshit I’ve ever seen.

 Besides, change comes from the ground up. Even if we get 60 in the senate, an expanded majority in the House and either one of these wonderful presidential candidates in office, that’s just step one! If you don’t keep after these folks to do the right thing, they will start doing what the lobbyists tell them to. It’s us versus the lobbyists everyday in Washington. So don’t talk like you are willing to throw your vote away and thusly help elect someone who is in bed with the lobbyists. That’s like breaking a toy so your brother can’t play with it.

Bread, peace, and freedom.


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