New site from the DNC.

March 24, 2008

We need more stuff like this.

Democratic Party Chair today welcomed a new series of debates featuring Senator John McCain, launched by the Democratic National Committee and to be broadcast on  The debates, which show Senator McCain debating himself on the vital issues confronting the American people, make it clear that even John McCain disagrees with John McCain. As the two McCains square off, voters will have the opportunity to hear the old McCain vs the 2008 McCain, the third-Bush-termer and pandering politician who will say or do anything to win.

It’s an animation in the style of the Jib Jab cartoons and, while not that funny, you’ll have to get a chuckle out of Bush giving a big thumbs up between questions.

This would be better if it was funny. David Rovics has a great post on his blog criticizing left wing activists for boring the hell out of people.

I ask, why is so much of the left in the US so attached to being so dreadfully boring? Why do so many people on the left apparently have no appreciation for the power and importance of culture? And when organizers, progressive media and others on the left do acknowledge culture, why is it usually kept on the sidelines? What are we trying to accomplish here? Read on.

He’s right. We need street theater. We need music. We need comedy. Entertain people, then educate them. If you just try to educate, eyes glaze over and your message isn’t heard.

Bread, Peace and Freedom


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