Hypocrisy is an ugly perfume.

March 26, 2008

John McCain stinks. Just reeks.

Cosign a complaint to the FEC over John McCain’s campaign.

This is something that is being put together by Jane Hamsher over at Firedog Lake and is something that needs to be done.

If you haven’t been following, here’s the Reader’s Digest version. In 2002, John McCain and Russ Feingold managed to get a bipartisan campaign finance reform bill passed to try and get some of the filthy money out of politics. One of the provisions is that, if you take federal election money, you have to abide by certain spending limits. You can back out of the limits later as long as you haven’t taken any money or used the promise of federal funds as collateral for a campaign loan. McCain got a loan using the collateral and the FEC knows this. He’s acting like the FEC just doesn’t care about what he’s doing and he is very very wrong. (PDF) The “Maverick” championed this thing and now he’s got hit by his own ricochet. Good job, grandpa. What’s that about people in glass houses?

 Bread, peace and freedom


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