Wasn’t John McCain a legitimate presidential candidate not so long ago???

April 1, 2008

Ahh… 2000. The year 2000. Brings back memories, huh? Everyone was watching the presidential election process while cleaning the underwear they had soiled over the “Y2k bug” (now that was fearmongering!). Al Gore was a shoe-in for the Dems. He had a great environmental record. And he had… a great environmental record. At that point, Al Gore was battling the main stream media in an effort to get the shit he said accurately reported and looking like the world’s biggest asshole in the process. This is called a “message problem” but could also be called an “I-invented-the-internet problem” or a “Love-Story-was-about-Tipper-and-me problem”. After months of distortions, lies, and untruths; after 3 years of impeachment and BJ jokes, and 8 years being called Mr. Roboto by every hack to have a late night talk show, Al Gore was pretty bloody. Democrats were giving Ralph Nader a serious look.

And there was John McCain.

John McCain, the favorite Republican of everone who hated Republicans. A straight-talking crusader for the middle-class. And he got screwed by Karl Rove’s slime machine, Bush got the nod and everything jumped the rails and landed our asses in the middle of crazy town.

In the intervening years, I think McCain’s brain must have slipped a few gears. Either he has turned into the ultimate toady who never met a CEO’s butthole he didn’t like the taste of, or he is suddenly (or maybe always) stupid and insane.

Evidently, in some sort of “I’m a better imbecile than you” contest he’s having with Commander Codpiece, John McCain has hired Phil Gramm as his economic adviser. Phil Gramm was one of the cosponsors for the bill that repealed the Glass-Steagall act and helped get us into this stupid mortgage mess that we’re in right now. And now McCain is relying on this moron’s talking points when reporters start asking him about this crisis.

Steve Benen over at The Carpetbagger Report put it best, ”

Confronted with a fire, John McCain is taking advice from an arsonist. If elected, he intends to put the arsonist in charge of fire safety.

Scary, huh. If this guy gets elected, I’m going to start taking up a collection to move my family to Canada or the UK.

Tomorrow: Unhinged with your finger on the button is never a good thing.

Bread, peace and freedom.


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