Barton County Democratic Party meeting tomorrow!

April 4, 2008

Different meeting place this time. We will be meeting at 3 pm in Marty Keenan’s office at 2200 Lakin in GB. Jacqueline Bujanda, Regional Coordinator for the Democratic Party will be there. On Aug 7 last year, the LA Times did a story on Jacqueline and a Republican Coordinator in Berkeley, CA entitled Behind Enemy Lines.

Jacqueline Bujanda proudly plays the outcast in this table-flat farming community surrounded by grain silos and antiabortion billboards.

At age 24, she endures stares, insults and slammed doors as she performs the political version of peddling Coke in a Pepsi town: She sells the Democratic Party in dark-red western Kansas, a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic U.S. senator since Prohibition — the longest streak in the nation.

She was born in El Paso and became a starter on her high school basketball team. In Garden City, she rode the bench. She believes the move was class-driven. Her mother worked in a local meatpacking plant: “The daughters of wealthy white parents played ahead of me because I was the girl with the single Latina mother.”

In college, Bujanda became convinced Democrats were more inclusive for minorities like herself. (Read more…)

This is a hard truth that the GOP has not dealt with. I would contend that it’s because they cannot. After LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, the south began hating Democrats. Nixon tapped this anger for political power with what has become known as “The Southern Strategy”. On top of that, the GOP is very much behind the interests of big business and the morbidly wealthy. These interests are very much at odds with those of the poorest among us, who are predominately minorities. Because of this, the chances of the GOP overcoming this lack of support bordering on abject hatred from minority communities in this country are about the same as my chances of me getting my own Sunday talk show on NBC this weekend.

Bread, Peace and Freedom.


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