Going Insane: or Where I find myself agreeing with Lewis Black.

May 6, 2008

I’ve come to the conclusion that we don’t know what we’re doing anymore    -Lewis Black

So I was talking to my father-in-law the other day and floated a joke by him that I’ve been getting good laugh-milage on for a few days. It’s a context-specific variation on “the only way that Hillary Clinton is going to get the Dem nomination at this point is if Barack Obama sprouts fangs and eats a baby on live TV.” His precise response is lost in the fog of incredulity, but it was something to the effect that he actually thinks that this senario (fangs and baby-eating) might actually happen.


I’m now coming to the conclusion that issues don’t matter any more. The constitution was written during the Age of Reason, I guess that since the drunk cowboy in the oval office is wiping his ass with that document, this can officially be called “The Age of Bullshit”. Some examples:

As the icecaps melt and the glaciers disappear and 60% of the world’s population are looking at the distinct possibility of having their living room turning into the pool they always wanted, we are, in the US, still having a conversation about whether global warming is real, if humans are causing it, and whether it will be a good or bad thing. This is like sitting in your living room and having a drawn-out, point-by-point debate on the subject of fire, whether it exists and has it been a net harmful or helpful thing WHILE YOUR FUCKING HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN!!!!!

In Kansas, the governor and legislature are fighting over whether to put up a coal-fired power plant or build windmills in western Kansas. In Sweden, they have a power plant that uses the heat generated by the treatment of raw sewage to generate electricity. So, in Kansas, in 2008, we are debating the merits of using coal or wind (one thing that Kansas has plenty of) to generate power while the swedes are TURNING SHIT INTO ELECTRICITY!!!!!

Barack Obama was raised primarily by a single mom and his grandparents. He just recently finished paying off his student loans. Hillary Clinton still has the silver spoon that was in her mouth when she was born and has spent the last 20 years in a bubble made of money and power and she is actually getting away with calling Obama an elitist.

I’m going to finish this before my blood pressure gets into the red zone. I end with another Lewis Black quote paraphrase because I don’t have the exact quote here. He was talking about Hurricane Katrina in his Red, White, and Screwed special when he said:

There has to come a point where democrats and republicans look at a piece of footage and say “This is reality”. You can’t watch a video of a kitten getting run over by a Land Rover and say, “I think the cat was trying to commit suicide. I’m going to need at least 3 days to find the note it left.”


One Response to “Going Insane: or Where I find myself agreeing with Lewis Black.”

  1. Amanda Fox Says:

    I can hear this coming from your mouth word for word! Loved it! Hey you should do a rant or something away from politics…. like… ufo’s, or some messed up conspiracy theory….. lol. Ttyl

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