It’s time to walk the walk…

May 8, 2008

This really only applies to activists in Kansas right now, but the Democratic Party has a great new tool that will be going nationwide at some point. Here is the text that is in the email if you use the “Invite a friend” option.

I’ve decided to help Democrats win in 2008 by contacting 25 voters in my neighborhood this year.  As a Neighborhood Volunteer, I’ve signed on to be part of a massive nationwide mobilization of volunteers to elect Democrats at all levels of government.  Democratic candidates need people like us to reach out to our friends, family and neighbors to talk about their plans for the economy, health care and our foreign policy.
This election is so important.  I urge you to join me, and the Democratic team, by signing up to be a Neighborhood Volunteer in your neighborhood:

The Neighborhood Volunteer website gives us everything we need to conduct voter contact: lists of voters in our neighborhoods, flyers to pass out and information about what is happening in the 2008 campaign. 
The website is easy enough to use that you can get started in your neighborhood TODAY.  Most importantly, the program is extremely convenient.  You can talk to your neighbors whenever you have the time.  Will you join me to bring change to our community and our country?


When you sign up, the system creates a walk list of voters in your neighborhood with a brief questionnaire and a map that shows you where the houses are. Talk is good, but it’s also pretty cheap. If you want to change things, if you want to get the power out of the hands of the corporations that have stolen it and back into the hands of We the people like it’s supposed to be, this is a good start. I know I was surprised at how many democrats are living in my neighborhood. We can talk the talk, let’s walk the walk.

Bread, peace, and freedom!

Update: I have only contacted 5 of the 25 that I got to start and I’m already in first place for voter contact in our district. Let’s get off our asses people!


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