Friday… err Wednesday Protest Song — Capital G

May 14, 2008

First thing, I haven’t been very diligent in getting protest songs up the past few weeks, I know it isn’t Friday, but I couldn’t resist once I saw this video.

I love me some folk music, and I think it’s still the most effective genre for protest songs due to the fact that it’s musical, the words rhyme and you can understand them all. However, since I was in Jr. High, my favorite band has been Nine Inch Nails. Several weeks ago (after admittedly not paying much attention to what Trent Reznor had been up to for a while) I heard the song “Capital G”. With the starting line, “I pushed the button and elected him to office and/he pushed the button and he dropped the bomb” it’s pretty simple to see who is being talked about. I found this video on YouTube and just wanted to share.

Bread, peace, and freedom.


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