New ad blasting Pat Roberts

May 16, 2008

Anyone who has lived in Kansas for long knows all about Pat Roberts. This guy was a neo-con before the word was invented. He is being challenged by a former lobbyist named Jim Slattery and according to a new Rasmussen poll, Roberts might be in trouble.

Before March, the Unites States Senate election in Kansas was a shoe-in for Republican incumbent Pat Roberts. At that point there was no viable Democratic candidate in the race and the state has not elected a Democratic senator since 1932. However, the decision by Democratic Congressmen Jim Slattery to run for office has made the race potentially more interesting.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Kansas voters found Roberts leading Slattery 52% to 40%.

The incumbent leads Slattery by twenty-one points among male voters, but just six percent among women.

The Democratic challenger leads Roberts by three points among unaffiliated voters.Roberts earns the vote from 82% of Republicans while Slattery attracts 75% of Democrats.

From an ideological perspective, the candidates are tied at 46% among moderate voters.

Roberts is viewed favorably by 60% of Kansas voters and unfavorably by 34%. Slattery’s numbers are 46% favorable, 38% unfavorable, and 17% of voters are not sure.

Now I’m not sure either. For the most part, I despise lobbyists as a species. I realize that there are some good lobbyists out there, just like there are some legitimate uses for leeches in the medical field. I really want to hear more about what sort of lobbying he was up to. Looking on the website of the firm that he used to lobby for, (don’t have the link right now) he used to be a telecom lobbyist among other things. There are telecom lobbyists that have a lot to answer for (net neutrality, analog air-wave auctions, etc.) and I want to hear his answers, but for now, here’s the new ad that the KDP has launched against Roberts. Hopefully, we can send him to the special hell that is reserved for dickheads that used to be important politicians.

Bread, peace and freedom.



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