Kansas Democratic Party Files FEC Violation Complaint against Roberts for U.S. Senate — Weak Sauce!

July 14, 2008

Topeka – Today, the Kansas Democratic Party filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Roberts for U.S. Senate. Roberts’ latest negative ad does not meet the “Stand By Your Ad” requirements set by the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

 “It appears as if Pat Robertswas attempting to dodge responsibility for making personal attacks against his opponent, something he pledged he would not do,” said Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Gaughan.

 Sen. Roberts is trying to have it both ways, but his attempt at pulling the wool over the eyes of Kansas voters puts him in direct violation of the very campaign laws designed to protect us from these deceptive political attacks.”

This is the kind of thing that Cenk Uyger of The Young Turks calls “weak sauce”. I really don’t understand this response. First, the FEC is toothless. McCain’s violation of campaign finance laws that he wrote is so much worse than this and nothing has been done about it. I don’t know what makes the KDP think that this will gain any traction.

Worse, this is what Al Franken described as the “bitch slap theory of electoral politics”. He was referencing the 2004 presidential campaign. He basically said that every time Bush attacked Kerry, he was sending the subtle message, “Kerry is my bitch”. Every time Kerry did nothing about it, he was sending the subtle message, “I am Bush’s bitch”. Slattery needs to do something about this. Here’s an idea. He could say something to the effect of, “When I was a lobbyist, I saw the corrupting effect of lobbyist cash in politics. Pat Roberts has accepted several million dollars in contributions from lobbyists. If elected, I will do my best to shut down the system of legalized bribery known as campaign finance and close all loopholes which allow lobbyists to have this level of influence on our democratic system of government. Pat Roberts, for all of his griping about my former job, has never seen a lobby dollar he didn’t like and has fought tooth and nail to keep this system the way it is; enriching himself mightily over the years.”

Slattery just got slapped in the face. Should we go whining to the principal that he got slapped, or should we hit Roberts in the sack? I know which one will work better in the end.

Bread, peace and freedom

P.S. Down with Tyranny has a great post on this subject that talks about Roberts’s ad here.


Jenny Davidson with the KDP just pointed out that the purpose of this FEC complaint is to hold Roberts accountable for the sleazy politics that he is playing after he said he wouldn’t, so I take back the part about not understanding what the KDP hopes to accomplish.

However, I still stand by my thinking that there still needs to be more of a push back than this. Just because you play fair doesn’t mean that you can’t fight like a badger in a corner when your opponent starts acting like an ass. It’s time to play ball or get off the field. Thump Roberts hard enough and even if he does win, he’ll go back to Washington so bloodied up that he won’t be taken seriously by anyone.


3 Responses to “Kansas Democratic Party Files FEC Violation Complaint against Roberts for U.S. Senate — Weak Sauce!”

  1. KevinS Says:

    I agree – he needs to differentiate himself from the sleazy Jack Abramoff’s of lobbying. They’ve given lobbying a bad name – though every interest group (right or left) lobbies. From Kansas businesses to teachers unions and minorities. Slattery needs to step up the bragging on how he helped Kansas through lobbying, and clearly denunciate the crooked lobbyists. As you say, even better if he has good ideas on how to clean up the mess so we don’t have to rely on all people being as honest as he is.

  2. Aunt Warren Says:

    I have seen the anti-Slattery ads here in Topeka. They go on and on about the millions of dollars (something like 4.4 million) that Slattery has made since he became a lobbyist. Once Slattery lost his House seat due to re-districting (or was it due to losing an election?), I did not keep track of him. Please educate me on a few things:

    1) What year was it that he was out of the House of Representatives? 1994? After that he became a lobbyist. Big frakking deal!!! So too do almost ALL former members of Congress!
    2) For whom did he lobby? Was it some really evil interest group like “Doctors for Abortion Booths in the Mall–DABM–?” (Hey, you never know….since it always seems to be the “good” little girls of nice conservative, xtian, repuglican parents, who refused to allow their little girl to attend sex-ed classes because they didn’t want her to learn about sex, or birth control…..It’s always the good little xtian “Tiffanys”, or “Brittanys”, or “Chantels” that seem to wind up suddenly pregnant and then mommy and daddy change their tune about abortion!!!… but I digress….)

    Anyways, for whom did he lobby?
    I feel like frakking “Glinda”…..”Are you a good lobbyist, or bad lobbyist?” Please educate me on this!
    Even if he lobbied for making dead people into food (Soylent Green!), I would vote for him simply because he is a Democrat (well, that, and I see no problem with conserving our resources…..why waste a good protein source! And the land to bury them, or the fuel to cremate?)

    Aunt Warren

  3. KevinS Says:

    Slattery gave up his House seat to run for Governor in 1994.
    The list of his clients is here: http://primebuzz.kcstar.com/?q=node/11693

    As for the money he earned – I don’t know the exact amout, but it’s misleading because most of that came from the firm winning a big patent infringement case.

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