Where are the Slattery ads?

July 16, 2008

Every time I turn on the television for more than 10 minutes, it seems like I see that useless, dishonest ad that Roberts is running attacking Slattery. I even saw it on CNN at the dentist yesterday (as if going to the dentist isn’t unpleasant enough).

Pat Roberts is a lying tool, I think that anyone who agrees with more than 6 consecutive words I’ve posted on this blog would agree with that. So where’s the push back??? Where are the ads where Slattery says,

“America is a mess and Kansas is too. Pat Roberts is responsible for the mess because of votes x,y and z (pick your favorites, Roberts never met a citizen he wouldn’t screw or a corporation he wouldn’t blow) Vote Slattery while you have a chance, or it will be 6 more years of Patty the Bush hand-puppet wrecking the state like an ADD kid in an art gallery. I am Jim Slattery and I approved this message.”

Put it on the radio if you can’t afford the TV machine. Just don’t forget those of us that aren’t in the Topeka/Lawrence/KC market because Roberts sure as shit hasn’t.


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