I met Jim Slattery…

July 29, 2008

I went to Marty Keenan’s kick-off party. Didn’t make it until late, but got to speak (very briefly) with Jim Slattery. This guy is a straight-shooter. I got the chance to discuss energy policy with him, and he makes a very strong case for nuclear power. The best part of this case is that nuclear power would be best used to get us off of foreign oil and help to ease the transition to wind and solar power. He pointed out that there are nuclear power plants in France that use 1/10 of the fissable material and put out 1/10 of the waste. No CO2 emissions are also a plus.

The biggest thing is that Slattery has the sort of vision we need. He acknowleges current problems but also makes sure to realize that we need to be somewhere completely different in a decade and is willing to work to make that happen. I plan to cast my vote for Mr. Slattery in the primary next week with pride.

Bread, peace and freedom!


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