Four Missing Words

August 7, 2008

I saw Jim Slattery’s new ad last night. Excellent job on the pushback. Pat Roberts has no problem with big government handouts as long as they are going to his largest campaign contributers. Slattery did a good job of acknowleging the attacks in Robert’s “didn’t show up” ad without sounding defensive or whiny as well.

(problems with embedding video: See it here.)

There were four words missing form the ad that would have made it have more impact. Right before the words “Bridge to Nowhere”, they should have added the words “indicted Senator Ted Stevens’s”. Right now the biggest problem that Republicans at all levels have is that people are in a “turn the bastards out” line of thinking. The corruption and cronyism is starting to bite back and the more we can link Roberts to the way things are being done in Washington right now and the general wrongdoing in the Republican Party, the more he will look like one of the bastards that needs “turned out”.

Bread, peace and freedom.