Here we are at the 5 year anniversary of the War in Iraq. The truth is that “War in Iraq” is being used in the media because it has a nice beat and you can dance to it. What this debacle has turned into is the Occupation of Iraq.

That’s right, occupation!

Whatever you want to say about Commander Codpiece’s carrier landing stunt, “Mission Accomplished” was pretty much accurate. We went in, kicked ass and took names. At the point that we disarmed their military, took control of the capital and turned the dictator in question into some kind of pathetic chipmunk the war was over. We won!

Mission was accomplished! Flowers and parades and big brass bands! Victory! It was like the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and dollar lap dance night all rolled into one. And then, after the noise died down a bit, the soldiers looked at the officers and said, “Mission accomplished! Now what?” The officers responded, “Good question!” and they went to the generals and said, “Mission accomplished, now what?” The generals said, “Good question” and they went to the Pentagon and said, “Mission Accomplished! Now what?” The Pentagon said, “We’re waiting for Bush to get back with us, but he’s taking his afternoon nap right now, and after that it’s finger painting and a field trip to the Smithsonian so we’ll get back with you in a few days.”

Then nothing.

Nothing from the Commander-in-Chief.

Then there was a noise vacuum and Donald Rumsfeld had to fill it with something. He told us that all of the soldiers would be home soon. That we were close to finding the weapons of mass destruction that had them pulling their hair out. The press said, “I thought you knew right where they were.” Rummy said, “Yeah! We know where they [WMD] are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.” The press went, “What???” and Rummy said, “STFU!”

Things went downhill from there.

However, every time it seems we’ve arrived at the bottom of Mount Bullshit, some stupid ass republican breaks out the heavy mining equipment. 3 times this week Senator McSame said that Iran was funding and arming Al-Qaeda. He was laughed at and ridiculed but I guess he’s doing what Bush referred to as “jumpstarting the propaganda”.

War Occupation (I’m not calling this a war, goddammit!) is not good for working folks. It wastes the lives of our friends, family, and children. It wastes money that could be used to help the sick and poor. It wastes lives of folks in Iraq who, just like us, want to be able to feed and clothe their children and not worry about them getting blown to bits walking to school. It wastes the energy of the American people. Is it any wonder that drug use, obesity, and reality TV ratings are going through the roof? The attitude on the streets is despair. Despair that we’re ever going to be out of this mess. Despair that our elected representatives give a rat’s ass what we think. Despair that this country will ever work for most of the people in it again. When people are despairing, they will turn to any sort of shit that makes them feel good no matter how bad it is for them (I’m talking to you Moment of Truth). And when a presidential nominee stands up and says things that are patently false and don’t jibe with conventional wisdom, you have to wonder if it will ever get any better.

Bread, peace and freedom.