The Rebpublican Party here in Barton County just doesn’t know when to quit. Marty Keenan is running for Kansas State Representative in the 112th district this year. He ran in 2004 against entrenched Republican candidate John Edmonds. This district is 57% republican and 21% democratic. He lost the race by 8 points. John Edmonds didn’t run in 2006, instead choosing a replacement by the name of Bill Wolf. The night of the election, Marty went to bed with the heady news of victory in his head, but the next day, his hopes were dashed. A lunchtime phone call from the county election commisioner informed him that 2 precincts had not had their votes counted. Marty had apparantly lost both of these townships by wide margins and lost the election by 41 votes (I still think this is suspicious, but as Marty is still a free man, he got off easier than Don Siegelman).

At a League of Women Voters candidate forum on the 16th of July, Marty made a comment about not wanting to be the Harold Stassen of Barton County, so if he lost this one, he wouldn’t run again. Unfortunately, John Edmonds (now chairman of the Barton County Republican Party) heard this. Like a retarded shark who sees ketchup in the water and thinks it’s blood, Edmonds thought his chance had come. He sent Marty a letter telling him how happy all of the merry fools in the local Republican apparatus are about this “promise” along with an absurd pledge card to sign.

(Click image to see full size letter).

What in the hell is the matter with this people. I know that they are foolish enough to try to beat Marty over the head with this later on down the road, but do they really think he’s going to sign the club? Besides, if you look at the numbers, they have all of the aces. Are they really that worried that Marty will manage to put together a straight flush at some point in the future?

But that’s it isn’t it? Marty has come close once and within an eyelash another time of just whipping their asses. Marty is a populist. A former-Republican who grew tired of the Republican party war on the middle class and turned away from the Dark Side. He is absolutely not going to sign the pledge card and is taking out a quarter page ad in the Sunday Tribune showing this letter topped with the words “Why are the local Republican bosses so worried about Marty Keenan?” They are worried because he has ideas. He has a vision for the Kansas he wants to see and leave for his children. They know that sooner or later, his hope will beat their fear. They are worried and rightfully so. You can get to Marty’s website here. If you can, click the “donations” button and help show the Barton County Republican Party that we are flat done taking their crap.

Bread, peace and freedom.